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From September 28-October 3, 2020, we gathered for 5-days and 5-nights of live online meditation. Now you can get the recorded set and participate again and again – as much as you’d like.

We meditate for the greater good of humankind and the evolution of planet Earth to a higher plane of awareness, peace and harmony. Let’s see how meditating affects The Schumann Frequency!

Get the Recorded SetGet the Recorded Set

What’s Included in the GPS 2020 Meditation Set?

The set includes ten 30-minute meditations from ten different teachers.
It also includes a 1-hour Q&A panel with all of the teachers.

Heaven on Earth with Susan Hull Bostwick

Divine Healing Center and Act Intuitive

More about the Teacher, Susan Hull Bostwick

This year SUSAN celebrated the 102nd birthday of Lewis Bostwick, Founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) and Church of Divine Man. Happy Birthday Lewis, posthumously.

On this note, Susan is renewing her commitment to BPI Psychic Kindergarten tools by inviting to meditation a group of 50 psychic kindergartners 4 X a week on ZOOM. Her mock-up for the 15 Minute Meditation group is 200 psychics. And she invites anyone who has completed meditation One to join her. Currently it is FREE and a new offer for more services is COMING SOON.

She quietly started this 15 Minute Meditation more than 10 years ago in order to daily support her own meditation practice and recently expanded it to bring more people to BPI information.

Susan says, “It is interesting when a BPI grad says to me: Haven’t you graduated from BPI kindergarten yet?”

She says she hopes she never graduates. Susan may be the only 75-year-old happy to be stuck in Psychic Kindergarten healing, reading and teaching professionally for the rest of her life. She has been running the Divine Healing Center Mission (DHC) of the Church of Divine Man for the past 13 years training trance mediums for healing.

What is on the horizon? Act is being revisited as a global healing and teaching venue incorporating quantum spiritual healing technology as well as wellness guidelines and products to help heal the planet. She wants to reach a larger audience with psychic kindergarten tools.

She is coming out of Sheltered COV-19 seclusion by OPENING DHC and CDM Santa Rosa to the public on occasion.

Susan lives on 6 acres of a family homestead farmed by her great grandfather in the 1890’s. She has raised chickens and goats. Today Susan’s leisure time is gardening, playing with her cats and fly fishing. Last Spring she spent 10 hours on the river in a boat fly fishing with her partner of 11 years. She has deeply missed during lock-down playing with her grandchildren: Tristan, 17, Anastasia, 13, and Hannah, 10. And now that the planet’s virus-fears are lessening somewhat, she plans to make up for lost time with them!

What people are saying about Susan:
Thank you for the very powerful session.

So much was cleared and I am grateful for your clear communication coupled with very high vibration gentle healing.

I can’t think of a better way to start my morning than with Susan’s 15 Minute Meditation.

To wipe the sleep from my eyes and begin the day on a positive note, reminds me to be grounded throughout all the minutes thereafter.

I laughed out loud when you said the topic, “Relationships” for the meditation. I just love how you are such a spot-on clairvoyant! So well done.

… I put up a rose And surprise! I saw a red flower missing all the petals underneath it. …this rose is the falling away of past time energy that is This cycle of releasing that which does not serve our relationship ….So this is what I am inspired to see by this 15 minute meditation…. Way super!!!

A Place of Peace with Laura Hansen

Chill Center and Divine Spark Program

More about the Teacher, Laura Hansen

Rev. Laura Hansen has been a meditation teacher, spiritual teacher and intuitive guide for more than 30 years.

She earned five Spiritual Teaching Certifications and completed four additional consciousness mechanics and energy healing programs through the Church of Divine Man Seminary. During her 20s and 30s, she was Seminary Rector for six years and Director of the Trance Medium training program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI), among other leadership roles. Over the years, she has spent over 60,000 hours in meditation and conducted over 20,000 individual energy healing and spiritual counseling sessions to help people sort out their lives and heal their pain. Laura is currently Board President of Chill Center, Inc., an educational nonprofit for personal and community well-being and the founder of the Divine, Spark Program.

What people are saying about Laura:
My life has changed in profound ways for the better.

I have learned to be centered and not be reactive in uncomfortable situations. I learned to love myself, accept myself and take responsibility for my life, actions and thoughts. I’ve also learned to love deeper, open more fully, communicate better. I could go on and on. In other words, it has been a great value for me to create the life I choose and to grow and learn more every day!

Healthy Boundaries with DawnRose Thistlethwaite

Berkeley Psychic Institute and Church of Divine Man

More about the Teacher, DawnRose Thistlethwaite

Vr. Rt. Rev. DawnRose Thistlethwaite has been teaching in Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) for more than 20 years.

In light of current events Dawn realized that BPI has been teaching online class for all of those 20 years. This experience has helped BPI transition smoothly during lock down as there is no time, no limits in space and no distance in spirit to spirit communication, teaching and healing.

The online experience has come a long way in the last two decades. BPI has found that running energy and using one’s psychic tools for protection has not changed, but blossomed in that time.

As Dawn juggles 3 kids schooling online from home she has realized how much BPI has succeeded in its online teaching. Classes have grown and numbers increased for counseling and healing.

She has discovered that the tried and true tools of grounding, protection rose and running energy have helped maintain the patience and perseverance needed during this time on the planet.

Vr. Rt. Rev. DawnRose Thistlethwaite is looking forward to a future where these tools help bring people closer to their goals, dreams and transformations.

Your Life Force with Jennah Synnestvedt

Aspen Oracle, Soulful Brand and Divine Healing Center

More about the Teacher, Jennah Synnestvedt

Jennah is a spiritual teacher and creative director who enjoys “midwifing” inspired visions into reality. Jennah is the owner of Soulful Brand and founder of Aspen Oracle.

In the Soulful Brand space, Jennah works with entrepreneurs and organizations to create branding that radiates the heart and soul of their vision. Aspen Oracle is a worldwide intuitive community for spiritual seekers and leaders here to have fun being the change.

Jennah is also a graduate of Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons in Boulder. She offers Intuitive Sessions via her personal brand website and Business Healings through the Divine Healing Center.

In all that she does, Jennah experiences the power of joy, making progress, the magic within and that–for a reason–we’re in it together. She practices taking life a little less seriously . . . being perfect at being imperfect.

What people are saying about Jennah:
Jennah is an extremely passionate, professional and organized leader.

She offers a very strong, focused yet spacious container which aides in her clients abilities to find their own truth and creativity. Jennah is welcoming, encouraging, extremely bright and insightful and has unmatched dedication to her clients and projects. If you are looking to manifest more creativity, or perhaps ground your dreams into reality, Jennah is your girl!

Jennah is an amazing intuitive and deeply gifted designer.

She was able to take my vision and guidance and give me exactly what I wanted. She also has all the skills of a professional entrepreneur. She guided me through the process with grace, efficiency and ease. I loved the process of working with her; it felt truly collaborative and co-creative. She has my highest recommendation for graphic design, vision and branding guidance.

I highly recommend Aspen Oracle to all of those choosing to grow more fully into your life’s purpose.

With grounded lightness, it is a space to listen more to yourself in a fun, filled with freedom yet grounded in nature community. It’s a wonderful, safe place to land, tune in, feel revitalized and grow into your best self with others.

Our Pathway to the Microcosm within and the Macrocosm outside with Mamta Landerman

Clinical Ayurveda and Pancha Karma Specialist and Vedic Astrologer

More about the Teacher, Mamta Landerman C.A.S.

Mamta Landerman C.A.S. P.K.S. is a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, a Pancha Karma (Deep Tissue De-tox Therapy) Specialist and a Vedic Astrologer.

She teaches both subjects and counsels in life style and nutrition in various parts of the US as well as online. In addition Mamta has trained in energy healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, studied Reiki and owns an Organic Blueberry Farm in Sebastopol CA. She has been a Teacher and Healer for the last 35 years. She is currently the President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM). The major part of her life has been devoted to transformational work on a Mind-Body-Soul Level working with individuals and in a class-room setting.

What people are saying about Mamta:
Mamta’s warmth and sincerity is immediately apparent, but it is her wisdom that is truly inspiring.

She walks with you through your subconscious as a teacher and a friend, describing its many layers like the plants growing in a garden. She is a great guide, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking to journey inward… “

Matching and Un-Matching Energy with Daniel Vaughan

Professional Reader and Healer

More about the Teacher, Daniel Vaughan

Dan Vaughan first came to Berkely Psychic Institute in 1992, and had moved from the east coast specifically to begin his training in clairvoyance and healing and where he remained as a student, then also as an employed minister, for 6 years.

Dan then moved to Hawaii and began teaching at the Kona Psychic Center, where he taught the Advanced Clairvoyant Training Program, alongside other psychic teachers who had also completed their training at Berkeley Psychic Institute. Dan ran a weekly open and free healing clinic for several years.

Dan is now retired and living in Illinois, but continues energy work and the offering of professional readings and healings. (Contact him at:

Dan’s primary career has been that of carpenter, but he is also somewhat of a jokester. He lives on 60 acres with his life partner, a graduate of BPI. where they garden together, practice psychic kindergarten tolls to a “high level of communication and dedication to guarding each other’s solitude.”

Spirit to Spirit Hello with Zubin Sherring

The Clairvoyant Center of Chicago

More about the Teacher, Zubin Sherring

Zubin brings a whole set of tools to assist in integrating aspects of one’s Self through meditation.

She has been working with others as a spiritual teacher and has had the sacred opportunity to work with those in hospice, taking their transition from this world to next. Some of themes of her classes have been focused around male-female balance, self healing, creative imagination, mind-body skills for professionals, intuitive development, and more. After having articles published in a local magazine, a book is on the horizon. She teaches in person and teleconference classes. Founder of Clairvoyant Center of Chicago (2000).

What people are saying about Zubin:
I was always curious about magic and spirit, but had a lot of fears about it. One day my curiosity bit my fear and I walked into the Clairvoyant Center and decided to take a class. This happened almost five years ago but still there are so much to learn. I enjoy learning and healing myself and assist others in their self healing.
The Clairvoyant and Teaching programs have provided me with the necessary experience and understanding to assist with the spiritual evolution of humanity. When people are ready and want to elevate themselves to a higher consciousness, it is possible. Understanding the spiritual realm helped me fulfill the calling that I heard at age 20.
Upon leaving my full time work at the stock exchange, I decided that I was going to do what ever I needed to do to regain my peace of mind and feel better about myself. It was then that I started to connect with people in the alternative health field. It was several years later that I received a healing at the Clairvoyant Center of Chicago after which I felt a significant shift. Within 20 minutes I felt more grounded and present then I had in a long time. That was about 18 years ago. Since then I’ve taken quite a few classes at the and become part of the team. I consider myself a Teacher, a Reader and a Healer.

Your Spiritual Healing Hands with Paul Caire

The Sarasota Psychic Institute and Graceful Awakenings

More about the Teacher, Paul Caire

Paul Caire has been a practicing healer since 1992; practicing Psychic and teacher since 1996.

He uses his skills to support spiritual, physical awareness, healing and growth. Paul had traveled the world training with psychics and healers of various kinds. He is the director of The Sarasota Psychic Institute and Graceful Awakenings; A spiritual oasis where a soul can discover itself and its’ truth.

The Spirit & Birth: Past and Present with Sandy Williamson

Quantum Bio-Energetic Services, OB-GYN Care Group and Divine Healing Center After Birth

More about the Teacher, Sandy Williamson

Midwife Advisor- Sandy Williamson, A.R.N.P, C.N.M., Spiritual Midwife

Sandy Williamson, A.R.N.P, C.N.M, a fourth generation midwife, graduated from the University of Miami with a Master’s Degree in Nursing and a clinical specialty in Nurse Midwifery in 1981. She started Special Beginnings Birth & Gynecology Center June 24,1984. She also co-founded the Florida Alliance of Birth Centers (FABC) in 1986 and was FABC’s first president. She helped lobby changes in the insurance laws of Florida which mandated coverage for birth centers by all insurance companies licensed in the state.

In 2003, she was chosen as one of the top five nurse-midwives in the United States. She received the highest honor possible for a birth center owner, the National Association of Childbearing Centers 2005 Professional Achievement Award. Sandy is passionate about every part of birth, including the spiritual side. A graduate of the Clairvoyant Training and Spiritual Midwife Programs of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and Retired Bishop of the Church of Divine Man, Sandy is on the advisory staff of the Divine Healing Center’s After Birth Support Services. She is pleased to bring her 39 years of experience to OB-GYN Care Group.

Sandy became interested in the intuitive side of birth in the 1980’s and invited spiritual midwives to give counseling for her and her staff at Special Beginnings. She progressed in her training in non-traditional healing technologies to develop her own energetic healing business with her son, Drew, who manages the Quantum Bio-Energetic Services business.

Quantum Bio-Energetic Services offers complimentary wellness services aimed at helping people achieve their health goals and desires. The goal, she says ” is to make the world a better place one person at a time!”

The purpose of this note is to tell you about my experience with Quantum Bio-Energetic services.

I was having heavy anxiety and depression problems. By the third session i was feeling my depression lifting and was regaining the feeling of being alive and energetic again. After the 5th session the severe numbness i was having in my left arm was going away and sensitivity was returning. After 14 sessions I have complete feeling back in my left foot and my depression and anxiety are gone and what a relief! I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. Bless you!

I want to thank you for helping me with your energy work, for my cat, Savannah!

It has been miraculous to see her respond positively, so quickly! She is three years old and was losing weight, rejecting food, and had a lumpy belly. The vet did blood work, ultrasound, and x-rays, and diagnosed her with lymphoma. I don’t believe in allopathic drastic medical options, so instead I contacted you for help. Before you started to work on her, she was very depressed and did not play and just slept a lot. Within a couple of days of starting the treatments, she started to show energy and wanted to play again. Her personality started to come back and she became more of herself each day. After two weeks, I was amazed that her regular personality and energy level was back to almost normal. I wasn’t expecting anything like what I have seen, in her positive response. I can’t thank you enough! I will continue with you as long as it takes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To anyone out there who is skeptical about working with Drew, I can’t tell you strongly enough to “just do it”! You won’t regret it. Thanks again!

Envisioning Your Reality with Michael Sollazzo

One to One Mentor, Psychic Tours Co-Creator, and Teacher and Reader at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and Church of Divine Man

More about the Teacher, Michael Sollazzo

Rev. Michael Sollazzo has been providing spiritual counseling and teaching in psychic kindergarten at the Berkeley Psychic Institute for 15 years.

Michael enjoys playing in many worlds. He has had a successful business career, created large- and small-scale art, been an avid gamer and graphic novel reader, and traveled to six continents and all 50 U.S. States.

What he has found during his adventures is that having psychic tools is quite useful no matter where you decide to play… and no matter how much you lose your space, you can always get it back again.

As a mentor in the One to One space, Michael guides fellow spiritual teachers to discover new levels of their own truth, abilities, and information.

As co-founder of the Psychic Tours space within the Berkeley Psychic Institute, he co-created a six-part series on the Astral, a special healing event on levels of reality, and an upcoming workshop series: A Clairvoyant Look at Aboriginal Spirituality. A pilgrimage to Australia is also being planned for late 2021.

Michael looks forward to continuing to grow, learn, and share with the spiritual community, and to keep bringing his compassionate perspective with him wherever he plays next.

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